Ron helped bring clarity in understanding my situation - I felt empowered and more self-confident after (Ron) helped me see that I held the skills myself to enable my own happiness and fulfilment
Ron's passion for this work shines out and creates an enjoyable and stimulating workshop
Ron is a very considerate facilitator, explains clearly and is perceptive. I enjoyed this group and it showed me a lot
Good variety of content and clear instructions, lots of context and brilliant interaction when dealing with questions, making it land
I felt truly heard, somehow a little healed each time
Professional and friendly delivery, evoked spontaneous responses. I can now look at myself and my sensations differently and I learnt positivity
Enjoyed the pace, I found the session a gentle experience, even going very deep in only an hour, didn't feel intense, I always had choice about my responses
Practical, simple, insightful and powerful
Coaching has enlightened me, made me see what I really want to focus on, highlighted that I can work on being the person I want to be