What is Embodiment and how will this help me?

Your question might be, "How can I stop worrying about something?" or "How can I be more assertive or confident at work?" "How can I deal with my friend who likes to control everything and I can't speak up for myself?" "How can I deal with my boss who doesn't listen to my ideas?"

We've become so used to using our brains to work out how to act in our lives, humans have been doing this for thousands of years. It's great to use our big brains, right? One effect of this is our tendency to ignore the signals we receive in our bodies - would you say you have a body or that you are a body?

Your body is the first receiver to sense what's arriving from your environment. Yes, signals are relayed to the brain, that's developed and it's enormously useful. Still, your body is not just a "brain taxi" but an integral part of the whole of you.

Embodiment is a way of practising skills that helps us connect our minds with our bodies. Embodiment helps you listen in to the sensations in your body, get to know how your body responds to difficult things that happen. You grow your awareness and you develop more choice about how to act more authentically, more genuinely.


Why start to practise responding to my body? You've probably felt sensations in your body in difficult circumstances and then hushed them up, pushed them away. You've used your logical/rational brain to sort the problem out. But . . . isn't there sometimes a voice that tells you "You aren't really sure. You're saying 'Yes' and you truly want to say 'No.'" How can you figure out what's best for you?

When you use your head predominantly, as you have done all your life, you are following the same habitual patterns in every situation that challenges you - when you are under pressure, you use your fall-back response. This could be "fight or flight." How often have you done this (fighting back or running away) and worried about it afterwards, that your action didn't serve you?

The vagus nerve connects to and from our brains and our body organs. When something happens to you that's difficult, your body has a response, it "does" a feeling. When we feel the sensation in our bodies, we call it a feeling by giving it a word. That sensation is a key to how our body responds to a challenging event or circumstance. Embodiment training is about awareness of where these sensations show up in everyday life - and how to choose our responses.

Embodiment practice will help you to have awareness and choice, about how you self-regulate and deal with a challenging problem, using your body and not only your head. Embodiment involves different practices and Ron, your facilitator at Essence Transformation Coaching, will help you to find what you need and embody the qualities you need in your life.